A clear commitment to the Swiss benchmark are fundamental values that are embedded in the corporate culture of Giroflex: manufacturing in accordance with stringent quality criteria, research and development conducted in collaboration with national universities, high-level engineering, and, last but not least, products designed by established Swiss design studios. The priciple of integral Swissness is therefore not an end in itself but rather an expression of the highest quality standards in every respect.
Giroflex has been ISO 9001 certified since 1993, and ISO 14001 certified since 2003. In continuation of its corporate tradition, in 2010 Giroflex decided to adopt the eco-effective “cradle to cradle” approach. This system strives to break the dilemma of finite resources and aims to achieve the complete recycling of materials at the end of the product life without any loss of quality.

Giroflex has been part of the international Flokk Group since July 2017. Attractive synergies as the shared values of quality, ergonomics and the environment opens up interesting future prospects for the tradtional Swiss brand.