Stoll Giroflex AG

Stoll Giroflex AG is one of Switzerland's leading manufacturer of high quality office seating furniture. The tradition-rich Swiss company, with its main office in Koblenz, has branch offices, sales partners and licensees around the globe.
The core values of Stoll Giroflex AG are quality, innovation and ecology. In conjunction with functionality and design, the ergonomic requirements of the human anatomy constitute the basis for its development and manufacture of seating furniture.
Thanks to the unique vertical integration at the Koblenz production location, products can be directly monitored and continuously optimised. Stoll Giroflex AG’s “Swiss-made” philosophy is based on the sustainability of all its production processes in Switzerland, allowing it to make a valuable contribution to ecology and quality. Stoll Giroflex AG has been ISO 9001 certified since 1993, and ISO 14001 certified since 2003. In continuation of its corporate tradition, in 2010 Giroflex decided to adopt the eco-effective “cradle to cradle” approach. This system strives to break the dilemma of finite resources and aims to achieve the complete recycling of materials at the end of the product life without any loss of quality.