We-Places 07


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The name says it all. Intelligent, lively and designed for diversity. Interaction and creativity determine success. A new zone for meetings, presentations and accelerated decision-taking processes.


Lively, connected, multicultural - the office becomes a city

It is fascinating to look beyond the confines of one’s own department! Face to face with colleagues – people learn to value this quickly because direct proximity allows for spontaneous solutions. Knowledge multiplies as soon as it is shared. Routine spaces are not needed for a meeting called at a moment’s notice or for spontaneous encounters. Quite the opposite. Like the characteristic landmarks of modern cities, We-Places uses the intelligence of a space to define a multicultural zone. A zone where spontaneous dialogue can take place; communication develops in an uncomplicated way, creativity finds a stage, knowledge attracts new multipliers.

Standing, sitting, presenting on a laptop - a sketch of an idea can be discussed. The necessary documents are available at any time – no long walks, no interruptions. So you can move the project forward together. Right away. People see each other, meet with each other – changing discussion partners; new scenery, same city, in this office.


Link: bene.com/office-furniture/office-zone-we-places/