Reception 02

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In the cinema, you often know after a few minutes whether you're going to like the film; likewise, the reception area tells you that you're in the right place.


Keeping the promises made by the first impression

As soon as the doors open, it’s already happened. Like the flash of a camera - the colours, surfaces, shapes. Large or skilfully used rooms, a feeling of welcoming, or perhaps even of having arrived. Anticipation and curiosity about what hasn’t been seen yet.

A friendly greeting from a voice that leads, cares and promises. Anchor for every new arrival, a haven for all who return. In the reception area, people begin to get a sense of who they will be dealing with. With a company that has fundamental principles, identity and culture, where employees are business partners with individual responsibility. "Many thanks for the invitation - many thanks for coming". And don’t forget the most important thing: Keep the promises made by the first impression.


In short

Professional contact point for information and communication. The focal point of corporate identity. This is where the corporate culture is manifested for visitors, customers and employees.

Waiting areas convey a sense of appreciation to visitors. Waiting – an unwanted inactivity that companies should put to positive use.