Focused Work 04

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Everything has its place. The furniture creates a perfect work environment. The arrangement keeps people grounded and allows them to think. They have the world under control. Alone or in a team. Daily business concentrated and connected.


Focused Work

Concentration meets continuity 

No man is an island unless the job calls for it. In the intensive process of business communication, people sometimes need some peace and quiet - and self-determination. Success and the quality of the results depend on it. 

Good thing everything here is arranged so compactly. There is space for personal needs, even for a certain level of privacy. With its mix of mobile and stationary furniture, the inclusion and organisation of walls and vertical surfaces, this is an environment that promotes concentration and connection. On their breaks, people dive into a stream of shifting discussion topics and various streams of news. For exchange, updates, recreation. Afterwards, however – back in their own micro cosmos – their thoughts return quickly to the matter at hand. 


In short 

A personally designated, traditional workplace in the Back Office – in individual, multi-person or team offices. 

Visually and acoustically screened for concentrated work. Functionally and ergonomically designed with a furniture ensemble consisting of work desk, table panel, dividing or office walls, and accessory furniture.




Focused work