Executive 01

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This set has a high profile, shows values and personality. Where the threads come together, that’s the place for management. Be equipped for success.



Communication, coordination, representation – all in one


Assume leadership responsibility, take business decisions, promote expertise – the management office is a central space where a variety of changing tasks are in motion. The focus is on communication – with colleagues on the board, in employee meetings, with business partners and customers. Privacy, discretion and confidentiality at the highest levels require an ambience of style and clarity.

The desk is sometimes a meeting table. The accessory furniture highlights the manager’s status. The chosen design language is less a backdrop than an unequivocal statement of corporate values and leadership philosophy. This is the source.


In short


Leaders today manage their employees' creative potential. The focus is on coordination, teamwork, communication and representation.


Link: bene.com/office-furniture/office-zone-executive/